Venus Rey Jr (Mexico City, 1969) began his musical training at seven under the guidance of his father and, later on, under the guidance of several teachers who taught him piano and music theory. He began composing at eleven, when he was still in elementary school. During two stays in the United States he participated in important music programs and he was part of several ensembles, and thus he got involved in choral music and jazz. 


Back in Mexico City, he graduated from Law and Philosophy. Venus Rey Jr has been a scholar during the last twenty years lecturing in Law, Philosophy and Art. 


In the 90’s he collaborated at a music studio and kept on mastering music. He took lessons on harmony, counterpoint and composition. 


From 2000 on, he has committed himself to symphonic music. Among his compositions, Mass for Our Lady of Guadalupe, A Jesuit Symphony, Requiem and The Fifth of May Symphony, stand as milestones of the Latin American symphonic and choral repertoire. 

Venus Rey Jr has started a set of chamber music compositions known as Bachianas Mexicanas and he is currently working on an opera based in the life of Mexican painter Frida Kahlo, which will be premiered in Mexico (2019).

Venus Rey Jr has recorded ten records and his music has been performed in the United States, Russia, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Poland and Argentina. He has published two fiction books, two volumes of poetry and several papers on Law and Philosophy.