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We at AMADEUS ARTIST AGENCY strive to discover and promote talented artists around the world. To reduce audition costs for young and aspiring talents and to expand the opportunity for artists worldwide to showcase their artistic abilities, AMADEUS ARTISTS is holding online auditions.



To participate in our online audition, prepare five pieces or arias. You may begin your audition with the piece of your choice, and we will select a second or third piece according to the current vacancies and the abilities we are seeking.

Please ensure that you have arranged for the accompaniment of a pianist or digital play back, and have an appropriate space to perform.


Even if you will be recording with your computer, please ensure that you have a good audio configuration and that you maintain an appropriate distance from the microphone so that we can better assess your abilities. A good internet connection is also necessary.



At AMADEUS ARTISTS, we understand the importance of constructive feedback. We guarantee to provide feedback on your audition performance, even if we do not choose to represent you, and offer guidance on how to enhance your skills for future auditions.



Please fill out the audition request form with your preferred audition date. We will contact you via email to confirm your application.


If you are selected for audition, you can then transfer an audition fee of 40 EUR automatically by PayPal to or via bank transfer to:

Amadeus Artists e.U


IBAN: AT18 2011 1828 5584 2602


Upon successful submission of your audition fee, we will send you confirmation of your online audition and our schedule availability.


Thank you for your interest in AMADEUS ARTIST AGENCY, and we look forward to hearing your submissions.

Application Form / Bewerbung

Thank you. If selected, we will contact you per Email to send all details for your audition. Good Luck!


Your information will be used fairly, lawfully and transparently

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