We are very proud of our growing network of professional recording studios in Vienna, New York, Los Angeles, Frankfurt and Mexico. After recording your record, we will lead you to all channels of digital music distribution.

Amadeus agency licenses and submits your music worldwide and helps you collect your royalties. 


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Leading at the cultural digital  Innovation. 

With our virtual and augmented reality partners, we not only record videos, but perpetuate the experience of art. We bring the observer directly into a virtual world, also on request can be designed interactively. This concept is ideal for theter performances,, concerts, festivals, museums and other art installations.


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In Amadeus, we recognize the importance of preparation, mental training, vocal skills and marketing on an artists career.

We offer personalized coaching and consulting, singing lessons and role preparation.

This way we help the artist to find their personal brand and develope their personal artistic and marketing strategy.


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Based in Vienna, the City of Music, AMADEUS ARTISTS offers a unique selection of artists. We represent professional artists in theaters and events internationally and help them to pursue a bright career. We encourage also young artists to take part in our auditions, masterclasses and consulting. In this opportunities, they will work on their capacities, recognize what is it that makes them outstanding and build up their marketing and management skills. The agency holds occasional auditions to scout new talents.

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